My name is Linda Turske and I have been sewing for over 30 years.  My first exposure to sewing came at my Grandma's knee while she sewed.  From the first time I sat at a machine, I seemed to have a natural "knack" for sewing.  I spent years sewing for my kids and for myself.  Sitting at a sewing machine is the place where I can process things happening in my life.  I spend many hours sewing and praying and talking with God.  


My business, Sew What's New?! , started slowly and without any real thought.  People needed some alterations done and then someone else needed a prom dress made and from there it grew into a wonderful opportunity .  I love the chance to minister to people while I am working on their custom sewing.  While I am still doing alterations for others, the most fun I have is the custom sewing that I do for people.  Bridesmaid gowns and fancy costumes are some of my favorite things to create.  I still try to sew 80% of my clothing and 50% of my young daughters clothing but that sometimes becomes impossible when deadlines loom.  


Linda Turske
A follower of Jesus Christ, Wife, Mom, Bible Study leader, Choir Director, School Volunteer, Home Schooling mom, Grandma....
the list goes on....  
I am a woman who finds sewing to be cheaper than a therapist!